The UK’s first evidence-based tool designed to conduct accurate risk assessment

The FACE Child and Adolescent Risk Assessment Suite (CARAS) is the UK’s first evidence-based tool that is designed and validated to conduct accurate risk assessments for young people.

The CARAS was developed over a two-year period in collaboration with the University of Durham and with the input of mental health practitioners across child and adolescent mental health services.

The CARAS consists of nine brief schedules that are deployed depending on the responses to an initial set of screening questions. This novel approach is extremely useful to clinicians as it identifies significant risk factors through proportionate assessment. This permits key risk items to be easily identified and prioritised in the formulation and risk management plan. The CARAS guides clinicians across all disciplines and facilitates risk assessment accuracy and consistency.

The FACE CARAS is characterised by excellence in clinical utility, validity and reliability. Each tool has been tested for clinical utility, validated with a representative sample, and rated with clinicians to ensure good reliability indicators. 

Leading mental health clinicians have also been included in its development to ensure that the CARAS continues to be a useful tool for assessing risk with young people. The CARAS has also been reviewed at an international forensic mental health conference where it was found to support:

  • Evidence-based development
  • Clinical utility
  • Good reliability indicators
  • Validity tests with sample population
  • Leading cutting edge research in child and adolescent risk assessment

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