Health & Social Care

The world’s first comprehensive, integrated toolset for use across Health & Social care

The FACE tools facilitate high quality and proportionate assessment, planning and review processes across community, residential and hospital settings.

The toolset has been adopted in over half of the UK and is the product of 20 years’ development work including: review of national and international datasets and guidelines; dialogue with hundreds of senior professionals; extensive use and feedback by all professional groups; and input from both service users and carers.

Core Tools

The core assessment tools support proportionate holistic assessment and collation of the key information necessary to inform decisions on care and support planning, the need for specialist assessment and the needs of carers. It enables calculation of an indicative budget using the FACE Resource Allocation System as well as supporting CAF and multi-agency working.

Tools include:

  • Contact Assessment
  • Overview Assessment
  • Carer's Assessment

Specialist Tools

Developed with specialist practitioners, these in-depth tools may either be used standalone or in conjunction with the Contact and/or Overview Assessment. Simple outcomes measures are embedded within many of the tools, thus enabling outcomes to be measured as an integral part of the assessment and review process.

Specialist tools are provided which cover each of the following domains:

  • Communication
  • Home Environment
  • Occupation and Daily Activities
  • Continence
  • Falls
  • Sensory
  • Moving and Handling
  • Physiotherapy
  • Swallowing

Long-term Conditions Tools

The FACE Long-term Conditions tools are concise, evidence-based clinical supplements for use standalone or in conjunction with the Contact and/or Overview Assessment. The tools support the Department of Health’s policy of ‘Transforming Community Services for People with a Long-Term Condition’ and use a common set of headings and a consistent approach to self-management.

Tools are provided for each of the following areas:

  • Cardiac Care
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Movement Disorders
  • Respiratory Conditions

Complex Needs Tools

These tools inform decision-making for people with complex health needs and/or issues surrounding mental capacity and eligibility for continuing healthcare. They meet all key legal requirements and can be used standalone or in conjunction with other FACE tools. Tools include the FACE Mental Capacity Assessment and all screening tools.

Telecare Tools

These tools provide a standard documentation set for telecare, from evaluation, prescription and installation right through to incident monitoring and user feedback.

Planning and Review Tools

Planning, review and progress monitoring follow naturally from assessment and the provision of care and support. The planning and review tools may be pre-populated from FACE assessments and support holistic inter-agency working, information-sharing and outcomes analysis.

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