The leading supplier of Health & Social Care Assessments across the UK

Our assessments are nationally-accredited by the Department of Health and are used by 50% of councils in England.

About Us

We have worked in the Health & Social Care sectors for over 20 years, developing solutions that meet the collective needs of practitioners, patients/service users and their carers, managers, policymakers and researchers.

The company’s focus is on information about people. We believe that personal information should be collected and presented in a simple, clear and elegant manner that respects both the individuality of the person or people to whom it relates.

20% of England use FACE Resource Allocation System

Our Solutions

Used every day by thousands of Health & Social Care Practitioners, our solutions include Resource Allocation, Assessment Tools and web software tools that allow accurate tracking of the patient journey and powerful yet simple and intuitive reporting.


iMoLYTICS is our revolutionary collaborative analytics platform that gives complete control of information to Health & Social Care professionals and practitioners.

Care Partner

Dedicated to the easy collection of person-centred information, Care Partner is a functionally rich application that tracks all aspects of the patient journey.

Assessment Tools

High quality assessment is the cornerstone of good practice. FACE assessment tools are nationally-accredited by the Department of Health and used throughout the UK and Ireland by NHS, social care and independent sector organisations.

Resource Allocation System

Councils using the FACE RAS to determine indicative personal budgets for local service users cover over 20% of England's population - making FACE the largest national provider of Resource Allocation System for Adult Social Care.